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  Jamaican Culture,
People & Music.

Jamaica has a rich and diverse culture blended from around the world. Jamaica's motto is "Out of Many, One People". Nearly ever different race is represented here. This diversity is most apparent in the various foods. African and European influences dominate the culture; however, the Spanish, Irish, Indians, Chinese and Germans have all left their mark. The Jamaican people are inherently friendly telling it like it is.

Due in part to its strong British influence, Jamaicans are modest and conservative dressers. The display of skin is frowned upon in formal environments.

The official language of Jamaica is English. However, most likely you will hear traces of what sounds like a foreign tongue. The language on the streets is called Patois. Patois is a combination of English, Spanish. Portuguese and African phrases which sounds more rhythmic then traditional English.

Jamaicans have a musical heritage that stems from their African and European roots. Reggae music is Jamaica's most recognized sound. These thumping sounds are rich and infectious and encompass expression of personal freedom, independence, religion, and gossip. Jamaica's most famous is Bob Marley whose influence helped bring Reggae music into the Jamaican main stream.

Jamaica's lush colorful landscapes act as muse for its people. These vibrant colors are reflected in the visual arts. Jamaicans have produced some of the best paintings, sculptures, and pottery in the Caribbean. Jamaican artists draw influences from their diverse culture. These colorful works of art include precious treasures produced by unconventional artists ranging from the academic to the self-taught artisan.

Come experience all of the Jamaican color.


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